Betsy, Tacy and Tib are all going to be turning 10 soon, they are so excited, it’s so great to have 2 numbers in your age. They just know that they will feel so grown up and have such exciting and amazing things happen to them when they are 10. They do have great things happen to them, they all fall in love with the King of Spain and they even write him a letter. They are able to perform in their school entertainment and that’s an adventure. And they make a new friend from Little Syria, and learn that the people that live there are great, kind people. They also learn how to be more kind themselves.

This is such a fun book! I have been reading this series to our daughters, and even though the series was written in the 1940’s, I love how the stories still apply today! The stories don’t really seem old fashioned, even though the characters travel by horse power. I think that it’s amazing to have them written so long ago, about the author’s youth and still have them seem so current today. 

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