I have a bit of an obsession with the Our Best Bites blog. Their recipes are always really yummy and usually not that difficult to put together. I like that they show you how to do things in ways that are easy to understand, and the photography on their site is amazing! I have their original cookbook (click here to see the review of that one) and I love it! I use it a lot, so I was super excited to get the new cookbook! I was even able to go to the launch party that they had at a local kitchen store, Orson Gygy, if you love everything kitchen like me, you want want to check out their site! I love that place, it took all my will power not to buy everything that I saw in there! The launch party was great! There were tons of samples of many different recipes and then I got to meet the authors Sara Wells and Kate Jones. They were super nice and we talked about our mutual love of Tillamook Cheese! But I didn’t buy the book there, they wanted full price for it $27.99 and that’s not a price I was willing to pay, I knew I could get it at Deseret Book for 15% less than that and I suspected that Costco had it for even less. Luckily I was right! I was able to pick this book up at Costco for $17.99 a full $10 less than Gygy had it for, I love that place! I took some time to look through this amazing new cookbook, there are tons of recipes that I can’t wait to try, I may even try one today! I was amazed at the launch party that I liked all of the samples, even the pasta salad one, I don’t usually like pasta salad at all, but it was amazingly great! I like how this book is laid out, this one is separated by seasons of the year, that becomes fun, because, like most people, in the summer time, I tend to want to eat cool things, so as not to heat up the house, plus things like salad just taste great on a cold day.

Here’s a picture of me that the Deseret Book people just happened to get, and no, I’m not the little one in the front! I’m the one reading the cookbook in the back. It’s a lovely picture of me, but I like it anyway!

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