On June 5, 2002 the whole area of Salt Lake City was in shock to have discovered 14 year-old Elizabeth Smart taken from her room that she shared with her younger sister in the middle of the night. What followed was days and weeks of searching the mountains nearby and everywhere else that could be searched for the young girl. As days dragged on into weeks and then into months, it seemed as though there would never be resolution in this case and that there was no possible way that she was still alive. Yet her parents refused to give up hope and worked tirelessly to keep her story in the limelight. That tireless effort finally paid off 9 months later when Elizabeth was spotted by two couples not afraid to call the police. This is the story as told by Elizabeth herself.

I have to say that this was a really hard book for me to read. I knew on some level some of the things that happened to Elizabeth just from the trial and the things that had been said by Elizabeth and her family. Actually reading about what happened to her in her own words was really sad and…I can’t really think of a word, just hard. The things that she went through as a 14 and 15 year old girl are just mind boggling. This book is not graphic, but you do get a large sense of just what she went through. I thought that the writing of this book was really good. I liked that it felt as though Elizabeth is speaking right to you to tell you personally her story. I really like the positive feeling at the end, she survived and has been able to live a normal life basically since she was returned. She allows herself to be happy, and know that she has had a pretty good life all in all. Thanks to Elizabeth Smart for telling her story and showing the resilience of the human spirit! 

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