About the book: Football-loving TyAnne Daws has long admired BYU’s star quarterback from afar. This semester, she’s determined to step away from the sidelines — and she has the perfect game plan for winning the heart of Anthony “Rocket” Rogers. When some smart moves land her in one of his classes, she finds herself in the perfect position to make her play. But as she gets to know the real Anthony, away from the lights of the stadium, Ty realizes that this is no game — she’s falling in love.

Anthony takes full advantage of his all-star status, holding girls at arm’s length for one reason: it keeps him from repeating the same mistakes that once led to a devastating heartbreak. When he meets Ty, his assumption that she’s just another pretty face is quickly proven wrong. Though he’s completely drawn in by this sweet young woman, her intriguing mix of amusing football know-how, and her quiet selflessness, he will not let himself fall in love. But when faced with the reality of losing the woman he’s come to care for despite himself, Anthony’s resolve is tested — and he finds it’s getting harder to keep his head in the game when his heart’s on the line.

My review: This book was so cute! I loved it from the very beginning. I love Ty’s character. I saw glimpses of myself in her what you see is what you get attitude. I loved that she was not at all afraid to be herself in order to get Anthony to like her, and it was really funny that her roommate Rosie kept trying to get her to change to impress him, but Ty would just ignore her and do whatever she wanted. I liked that she loved football, and she may have gotten into a class to get close to Anthony, but she never faked her knowledge of football and she never tried to make herself appear dumb about the game. I liked Anthony too, I thought he was sweet and kind. I really liked that he was willing to look out for Ty, but I loved the way he watched out for his sister, Nikki, and her family. What a keeper! And he is a really good sport too, I loved that he has tons of nicknames, and that he’s willing to answer to all of them, it was so fun to find out more and more of his nicknames as the story moved along.

I loved the romance element of this book, it’s cute and sweet. It moves kind of slow, because Anthony has been hurt before and Ty is trying to be different than all the other girls out to get him. But I liked that it moved slow, it made the story all that much more sweet. 

I loved the rest of the characters, they were so fun! I’m hoping to see love stories for David, Sean and the others in the near future. This is a cute romance, I didn’t want to put it down! Hoping for more books by Ranee’ S Clark in the near future!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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