I found something new last month that I’m really loving and I wanted to tell you about it! 

It’s Maskcara Makeup. I need to tell you that I’m not getting paid anything at all, nor was I given any free makeup to talk about it. It’s something that I’d seen on Instagram and was able to try it and wound up loving it!

I like the way it feels on my face. I really like that it eliminates a need for a moisturizer under it. I haven’t heard anyone say that, but for me, I feel that I haven’t needed it since I started wearing it, my face feels so amazing and soft. I like that they match your face color for the makeup. I’ve had makeovers from other places that match your makeup to your clothes and that makes no sense to me, because you’re not always going to be wearing the same thing. 

And I really liked the contouring that you do with the makeup. You use a bit darker, but complimentary color around the edges of your face, your nose and your cheeks and it creates a bit of a shadow look. Then you use a lighter color on your lower forehead, under your eyes, and really everywhere else. This part kind of highlights areas of your face making them pop a little bit. And then you blend it all together, giving you a really natural look.I like how it makes the angles of your face look a bit smaller. Things like your nose and chin area. 

You add cheek color, eye color, and lip color and you’re done. I’m currently using the same color for the three of these and I really like it. Hello, Baby Watermelon! But they have tons of color and options, anyone out there could find one that they like and that works for their coloring. I’m eventually going to get some different eye shadow and some of this Stay spray. And their compacts, that you get a free one of if you order multiples of 4 are so fun, they came out with a few new designs just in the last week or two.

I love the way I got my makeup so quickly. I ordered it Wednesday and had it by Saturday. I feel like this is such a great company, with such a great product. Make sure to check it out! 

In the pictures of myself in this post, I’m wearing the Maskcara product in the first picture and a simple moisturizer with tint in the second one. And the other two pictures are the makeup. I love the packaging, so cute! The compacts are fun and I love the way they are magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.

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