About the bookHe was the high school bad boy. She was the good girl who got away. Reunited after ten years, can they put aside their past to start their future? 

After becoming a computer programming genius while a teen, Caleb Davenport has spent the last decade building an international company into a billion-dollar enterprise with his business partners. Traveling constantly around the world, he’s lonely and ready to settle down with the woman of his dreams. 

Unfortunately, Caleb hasn’t stopped thinking about Kira Bancroft since high school. But after ten years, she’s probably living her dream as a concert pianist in New York City. Until one evening, fresh off the plane from Hong Kong, he runs smack dab into Kira waitressing at a local Denver restaurant. 

Kira’s life hasn’t gone exactly how she hoped. After a terrible accident that disabled her father, Kira’s dream of being on stage with a Steinway piano is abandoned to help her parents pay the overwhelming medical bills, even as they lose their home to bankruptcy. 

When sparks fly between her and Caleb at their high school reunion, she starts to hope that maybe she can dream again. But Caleb is keeping a secret that could ruin everything. 

Does Caleb have a chance to win Kira’s heart—or will his family’s secret past prevent him from capturing the girl who got away? 

My review: I really enjoyed this book, it didn’t seem to be one of those cheesy romances, you know the kind. I thought the whole thing was really well written and just amazing! It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

I loved Kira. I thought she was such a strong young woman. I felt a bit sad that she had given up her dreams to care for her family after her father’s accident. But also a little amazed by her unselfishness and caring for her parents in that way. I liked that no matter what happened to her, Kira was unwilling to let it knock her down for long. She is resilliant!

I also liked Caleb. I liked that he is a good guy. He goes out of his way to make sure Kira has some happy things happen to her in this story. I liked that he was honest with her, even though he knew his honesty would hurt her. I liked that Kira was able to forgive him and give him a chance, even when he thought he would have hurt her way too badly.

I loved the love story in this one. The whole thing was fun and swoon worthy, well after realizing that Kira liked him too much to kick him to the curb when he hurt her. 

I liked everything about this one! Make sure to grab your own copy, you won’t be sad that you did!

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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