About the book: Lindsey Asher took the Billionaire Bride Pact at girl’s camp, but she’s never taken it seriously. Her dreams were always about building her own a bakery empire, not marrying a billionaire. Years later and all grown up, Lindsey has poured her heart and soul into Sugarbee’s Sweets in downtown Manhattan. All she wants for Christmas are good reviews from a pair of big-name food bloggers and plenty of customers to enjoy her sweet treats. 

When Eric Kasabov parks his cookie cart in front of Sugarbee’s and starts stealing her customers, Lindsey’s resolve is tested. And when Eric’s partner starts causing trouble, Lindsey has to make a choice. How far will she go to save her store? Can rivalry turn to love? 

Author’s Note: The Billionaire Bride Pact series is written to be read in any order without missing any of the story. Jump in any time! You might have some fun spotting crossover characters. 

My review: I really enjoyed the plot on this one! I liked it’s originality and it’s fun.

I liked Lindsey, I liked the way she was determined to make her little bakery into a profitable business in New York. She’s doing everything she can, including having some huge food bloggers come to Sugarbee’s and do a review. But things never seem to go the way she thinks they will!

I really liked the way she and Eric meet. And then when he parks his cookie cart right in front of her bakery, because his brother insists, oh my! I liked that Eric tried to get out of parking it there, and I liked the way he was trying to look out for Lindsey, even at detriment to himself with both his father and brother. Eric’s character is so great! I loved the way he worked so hard to change his life and keep it that way, even with the way his father and brother treated him. And when he realizes that’s never going to change, he goes another way.

This one is just a fun romance that you won’t want to put down. It can be easily read in an afternoon.

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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