About the EveryDayLove by Lucy McConnell

Her brother’s best friend could be the best thing that ever happened to her channel and her heart. 

Daisy Covington has dreamed of having her own line of cosmetics since she was a fourteen-year-old girl with a beauty channel. Her channel has grown over the years to be one of the top two beauty channels on the MyHeartChannel site and her dream is within reach. She just needs a segment that will put her over the top. 

When Beckett Kingsly, Daisy’s older brother’s best friend and career humanitarian, crashes on her couch for a couple days, she comes up with a plan. She’ll do a fundraiser for the charity Beckett works for in exchange for the chance to give him a makeover on her show. His worn-out cargo shorts, unruly beard, and man bun are all on the chopping block. After some pressure from his boss—FreeWater could use the exposure to Daisy’s eleven million subscribers—Beckett reluctantly agrees. 

But as Daisy works to transform Beckett, she realizes that her crush from long ago hasn’t faded. She’s falling for him even though he’s waiting for orders to leave town. Though Beckett seems like the perfect guy, Daisy wants to settle down with a man who will actually be in the same country for more than a couple weeks. If She can’t find a way to make it work, she’ll miss her chance at a truly beautiful life.

My review

EveryDayLove was tons of fun! I loved the whole idea of Daisy’s channel and the good that she does for women around the globe as she makes them more confident about their looks. 

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though! Daisy is a well written character. I loved everything about her. I really loved that she was not at all concerned to wake up one morning and find her brother’s best friend Beckett sleeping on her couch, even though she had a huge crush on him as a teenager. Her channel is awesome and her idea to transform Beckett from a person who looks like a bum sleeping on her couch to a hot guy that all of her subscribers want to date was just smart. I loved it!

Then there’s Beckett, he’s a good guy. I loved that his job is humanitarian related. He’s always working to bring clean water to a new corner of the world. I liked the way he does respect Daisy, and her channel, even though it seems at one point like he doesn’t. He’s just having a hard time reconciling the grown-up Daisy to the girl that he used to know and tease. It really amazed me that he turned out the way he did. At one point in the story, he hears from his parents and they are terrible! Beckett is nothing like them.

The plot of this one is happy and fun! I love the way Daisy likes to keep things upbeat and never say bad or mean things about the one girl that is constantly saying mean and bad things about her. This one’s a keeper, I loved it!

I borrowed this one from the Kindle Unlimited Library.

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