About Last Chance: Comfrey has been planning her homestead farm for three years, and she’s finally ready to break ground on her perfect permaculture paradise. She has big plans, and the goats and sheep she already has grazing are just the first step. Until the city throws a wrench in the works. Oh, and then there’s the sudden appearance of Nick. The man she nearly married. 

Nick was not thrilled when Comfrey’s father (his boss) assigns him to go convince his wayward daughter that she’s had her fun and it’s time for her to rejoin the family business–a company that doesn’t fit into her new natural lifestyle, even if her father would ever accept her as. Forget the fact that he is still nursing a broken heart from the day she broke off their engagement and disappeared. Being around her was supposed to convince her that she made a mistake and wants to return to her old life–not convince him that she is still the only woman for him. Time is running out before he has to return to Boston, but can they bridge the gap between them?

My review: First off, isn’t the cover of this one just beautiful?? I love how well it matches, Comfrey, the main character from this book. This series is so great! Each of the books is well-written with great characters and plot and you can read them in any order.

Comfrey is probably my favorite main character from this series. I love the mystery she is. Comfrey isn’t her real name, and she has hidden her past from the people that know her in the best way she knows how. And after seeing just where she does come from, it’s not overly surprising that she left and that she’s hiding it from everyone she knows. I like Comfrey just the way she is. I love the way she cares about people and wants to help them have a better life. I love the way she wants to live as natural of a life as she can. I love the way she fights for the things she cares about. And the way she was able to be honest with herself when she needed to.

Then there’s Nick. Nick was a surprise to me. I liked that he was willing to go out of his comfort zone and go after Comfrey. I didn’t like that it was because her parents wanted him to. But he wouldn’t have gone if he wasn’t still in love with her. I loved the way he was willing to change his whole life for her. So sweet! He also wasn’t willing to roll over and move out of her life without a fight. He was a great character.

I love the plot of this one. It fits together with the other books in the series so well (links below if you need them.) This is such a great series, I’m hoping there are still more books to come!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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