About the novellaLove has its day in court.

As graduation nears, Daphne Ellison can’t keep her eyes off the sigh-worthy guy in her moot court class. She’s been crushing on Tighe Hartnett since day one of law school, even though he reportedly has a serious girlfriend. What—that means he’s safe, right? Crushable, with no chance of distracting her from earning that prized law degree.

Until today. Because Tighe’s girlfriend is old news, and when he and Daphne are pitted against each other in mock court, sparks fly.

Moot Court is a novella in the Legally in Love series of top-selling romantic comedies by Jennifer Griffith. Full of swoony kisses, clean & wholesome romance, and hilarious incidents, Moot Court is just what the judge ordered. 

Great for fans of Jennifer Peel, Rachelle Christensen, Victorine Lieske, and Cami Checketts. Also great for fans of the Hallmark romance movies. 

My review: I love this kind of novella. It’s one of those that draws you in super fast. It’s a novella, so it’s short and easy to read in one afternoon. It’s romantic and just an all around great escape from the realities of life!

This one features Daphne. I like her! I like the way she’s down to earth. She’s gone to law school because that was the only way her grandmother would cover her college, but she’s been getting by  in school, by doing things like not replacing her glasses, even though she can’t see far away with them anymore. I also like that she’s real. She didn’t read her homework assignment for her class and it’s one of those situations where she knows that because she didn’t, she’ll be called on. And that’s just what happens, because she was flirting with Tighe.

Then there’s Tighe. I like that he wasn’t a poor sport about being pitted against Daphne in their Moot Court assignment. He even teases her about not having read the assignment later. I also like that he’s a great guy! He’s concerned about Daphne not being able to see very well. He ends up taking her out on the ocean to see a little bit better. What a sweetheart! 

I also loved the way the plot of this one covers just one day. It’s just a quick, easy read that you won’t want to put down!

I was sent an e-copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.

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