About the book: To say Tess Graham has a complicated relationship with her hometown is putting it mildly. With family ties and a successful real estate business she’s built from the ground up, Tess doesn’t want to leave. Not really. She would, however, like someone to see her for who she really is rather than the overshadowed twin in one of the town’s most prominent families. If only she could make a name for herself and find her place in Cobble Creek.

When handsome wildland firefighter, Monroe Scott, comes into town and wants to buy Tess’s grandfather’s barn for his reclaimed wood business, Tess feels the tug of nostalgia she didn’t expect. How can she allow Monroe to dismantle her childhood memories board by board? But as the listing agent, how can she prevent it?

To get what they each want, Tess and Monroe enter into a very temporary, very pretend engagement. As sparks fly and tempers flare, this fake engagement ignites into something both parties fight to contain.

My review: I LOVED everything about this cute romance! I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved the idea of a firefighter coming to town, and a pretend engagement? That really is the best!

Tess is a fun character. I loved the way she grows throughout this book. At the beginning, she feels inferior to her twin sister, Ava, in almost every way. That’s what spurred her into a pretend engagement. But as she goes along, she realizes that there’s no need to feel jealous, that she had always been where she was meant to be. The pretend engagement though is where the real fun begins! I loved the way she tries to keep Monroe at arm’s length, even as she falls hard for him. I really just loved her as a character.

Then there’s Monroe. He’s a wildland firefighter, only in Cobble Creek because there’s a fire nearby that needs to be fought. I loved that he was willing to go along with Tess’ crazy idea. He’s a great guy, he’s kind and generous. His flaw for Tess might be that he sells reclaimed lumber and wants to tear down her grandpa’s old barn and use the lumber. I loved how he was handy and his idea for the barn ends up being such an amazing thing for Tess and really for the whole town.

The plot of this one is fun. There’s love, of course, danger, and the kind of pulling together that only happens during a disaster. This one’s a winner!

I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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