A group of ten amazing authors have each written a brand new sweet romance for this box set. There were several other people involved who donated for the production of this box set. When you preorder your box set today, 100% of the proceeds will go toward medical expenses for Robison Wells. You get 10 new stories and you can make a difference for an entire family.

Rob is a talented writer who has helped so many other writers, myself included. He suffers from mental illness and has always been very open about his struggles. I know he is admired for how hard he works to support his family and still give back to the writing community.

About the book: WITH A KISS: A Sweet Romance Anthology

A collection of 10 brand new sweet romance novellas by USA Today bestselling & award winning authors. 

**On sale for a limited time only!**

Romances in this collection:
DANCING TO FREEDOM by Traci Hunter Abramson: A Russian ballerina. An American hockey player. A forbidden romance. Can Katrina follow her heart when freedom is the one thing she lacks? Or will the Cold War cost her the only man she has ever loved? 

RYLEE’S MIX-UP by Rachel Branton: Rylee Williams didn’t want to be a bridesmaid at her estranged sister’s wedding, the sister who’d grown up with the family she was supposed to have. So why does she find herself in a dress two sizes too big and no date for the wedding? Maybe it’s time to give up on her family once and for all. But a greased pig contest and handsome cowboy Beck Seeger might just change her mind—both about sticking it out and taking a chance at love.

THE REFUGEE’S BILLIONAIRE by Rachelle J. Christensen: Shawn Halstrom has an assignment: travel to Atlanta, Georgia to investigate The Heart of Atlanta refugee center so that Burke Enterprises can make a donation. The job should take two weeks tops, but he wasn’t planning on falling for a Cuban refugee named Carolina Diaz. She’s a single mother who isn’t interested in dating, even if the guy might be a billionaire.

JUST THIS MOMENT by Joyce DiPastena: Alys’s late husband thought her useful only for spinning thread. Now a mysterious monk has come to take her to a nunnery. Can a sightless woman like Alys exert her independence to forge a future of her own choice? And will the monk, who stirs forbidden longings in her, help or hinder her?

ORIGAMI GIRL by Danyelle Ferguson: Josephine loved teaching crafts at the children’s hospital until she was assigned to help Dr. Blake learn how to relate with his patients. As she helps the young doctor soften his sharp edges, relax his rigid folds, and open up to the people around him, she finds she can’t help but love the man he’s becoming. 

SABRINA’S HERO by Donna Hatch: For weeks, Sabrina daydreams about a mysterious gentleman who frequents the lending library. Is he perchance an agent for the crown? A returning war hero? A highwayman? A fateful public assembly introduces her to the mystery man as well as an intriguing newcomer. Now she’s torn between a charming rake promising the adventure she craves, and a handsome barrister offers security. Only one will stand by her when it matters most.

FALLING FOR LUCY by Heather B. Moore: Lucy Morley’s older sister is perfect, yet Lucy can’t even hold down a job, let alone stick with something like college. After another disastrous firing, she lands her dream job at a bookstore—and it doesn’t hurt that her new boss, Adam Parks, is pretty much her dream man. But if Lucy is good at one thing, it’s guarding herself from heartbreak. Adam has other plans in mind that include finding a way into Lucy’s heart.

MY DEAREST EMMA by Luisa Perkins: Since her husband died at 25, Johanna has worked at a busy hotel in the new railroad town of Danube, Minnesota, soothing her loneliness by writing home to her sister in Germany. When she meets August, a shy widower, her letters reveal a budding friendship. But Johanna soon begins to question whether their romance can survive a demanding employer, August’s jealous daughter, and the misgivings of two recently broken hearts. 

COVERTLY YOURS by Janette Rallison: Paisley Spencer never needed a knight in shining armor—until she finds herself surrounded by three gangsters in a bad part of Phoenix. A handsome stranger intervenes, rescuing her from certain disaster. The only catch? Now she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for the next hour. She finds it’s a job she doesn’t want to end. 

Novella by Heather Tullis: description coming soon.

Review of The Refugee’s Billionaire: I love that these authors are going out of their way to help another author out! Each one of these authors have written books that I have loved! 

I’ve actually been able to read one of the stories from this one already. I was able to help beta read The Refugee’s Billionaire by Rachelle Christensen. I love that Shawn in this one has been in two of her other books, Hawaiian Masquerade and The Billionaire’s Stray Heart. It’s always fun to see what some of your favorite characters are up to. 

Shawn is a great guy in this one. I loved the way he was with Carolina – he was constantly watching out for her and trying to make things better for her. But my favorite thing to see was how he cared for her son, Daniel. Shawn goes out of his way to work to make things better for the people at the Heart of Atlanta Refugee Center as well, even giving up the shirt from his back at one point.

Then there’s Carolina. She had been through so much in her young life, from leaving Cuba as a teenager with her grandma, losing her grandma, becoming a single mother. I loved how she used her time to better the lives of others. Carolina is great, but opening her heart isn’t something that comes easy for her.

This one’s a quick read. I loved the sweet romance in it, and I didn’t want to put it down. Quite honestly, I want to read each and every novella in this one!

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