The Heart of Thornwell

About The Heart of Thornewell by Anita Stansfield

The Heart of Thornewell by Anita StansfieldWhat should have been a grand adventure in Africa ends in heartbreak for Enid Hawthorne, following her husband’s untimely death. Bereft, the young widow bravely boards a ship for home with precious cargo—her unborn child. She hopes to find refuge in England in the only place she can—Thornewell Hall, the estate of her late husband’s family. But upon her arrival, she finds a bleak home in the depths of mourning. It is clear that hers is not the only tragedy, but Enid is unprepared for the hostility that meets her arrival.

Sebastian, Earl of Thornewell, is grief-stricken following the loss of his wife and child. The news that his brother is dead is simply more than he can take—and he knows who is to blame: his sister-in-law, Enid. So when she arrives on his doorstep, seeking asylum, he does his duty in allowing her to stay—and nothing more. Yet fate has other plans, and as they face joys and trials alongside each other, their broken hearts begin to heal. But there is a cloud over their future, for Enid harbors a secret that may drive them apart forever.

My review

I was excited to get to start reading The Heart of Thornewell by Anita Stansfield! I’ve read and enjoyed many of her books. And I enjoyed this one too.

I like the way that the author makes her heroines a bit different than the normal ones in this kind of a book. Enid in this one is a character with tons of depth. She’s living in Africa as a missionary when her husband contracts a mysterious disease and dies. He makes her promise to go back to England to his brother’s home. I like that Enid is not one to sit around when she doesn’t know the best way to do something. She gets herself and her baby, she’s pregnant at the time, back to England with no problems. But as the story goes along, you see more and more layers to Enid. And that brings about the plot twists and turns that keep the reader interested in the book.

I like that we get to see Sebastian’s point of view as well in this one. I can’t say that I liked the way he thought. Or that I liked the way he treated Enid at some points in the story. But I thought he turned out to be an excellent hero by the end of the book.

The Heart of Thornewell takes the reader on a wild ride from the plains of Africa to rainy England. I liked the plot of this one. It kept me interested until I turned the last page! 

I was sent a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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About the author

Anita Stansfield began writing at the age of sixteen, and her first novel was published sixteen years later. Her novels range from historical to contemporary and cover a wide gamut of social and emotional issues that explore the human experience through memorable characters and unpredictable plots. She has received many awards, including a special award for pioneering new ground in LDS fiction, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Whitney Academy for LDS Literature. Anita is the mother of five, and has two adorable grandsons. Her husband, Vince, is her greatest hero.

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