I’ve mentioned before that our family really likes to travel together. We try to go on a “big” family trip all together at least one time a year. One place that we’ve been many times (3 altogether) is Nauvoo, Illinois. 

family travel Nauvoo, Illinois

Nauvoo is a really fun place to travel with a family. There are tons of activities and they are all FREE! That’s really our favorite part. We also love that you learn something about history, and about how people would have lived in the 1800’s. And you can act it out a little bit on your own. There are so many things you can see and do in Nauvoo with your family. You’ll never have time to get bored!

Nauvoo isn’t really a big town any more. But back in the 1840’s when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was headquartered there, it was. It rivaled Chicago at the time. And that might have been part of the problem. You see, the people who lived in this town were eventually persecuted so much that they only thing they felt they could do was leave. And leave they did. They traveled clear across the United States and set up shop in Utah near The Great Salt Lake. 

It’s a bit hard for me to imagine what these people must have thought at that point. They went from a very wet, lush, green climate to a high desert. It’s very dry in Utah and there are hardly any trees. I should take some time to read journals from the time to see just what the people thought.

Anyway…I digress. What I really wanted to tell you today is that I’ve written my next article for Tips for Family Trips and it was published this week. And what did I write about? Nauvoo. If you’ve ever wondered how things work there this article is for you. It’s also for you if you read what I talked about earlier and now you’re curious. 

Take the time to check it out. And let me know what kinds of things you’d like me to talk about!

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