New Sweet Salt Store in ClintonLast week I was invited to check out the new Sweet Salt Clothing store in Clinton, Utah. I’m always looking for modest clothing for myself and my daughters. And Sweet Salt has some really cute modest clothing!

New Sweet Salt Store in ClintonThere are several reasons you should check out one of the Sweet Salt Locationsif you live close to one. I know they sell this clothing line at Seagull Book, but if your store is like the one closest to me, they don’t have a dressing room. The Sweet Salt Store locations do have dressing rooms, as well as somewhere for your husband, child, friend to wait while you use the dressing rooms!

I loved how many clothes the store had. And it didn’t feel packed in at all. I feel like in the Seagull Book locations, they’re trying to pack as many clothes as they can into a small space, so there’s not a lot of room there. 


I also loved that this new locations has jewelry, shoes, bags and scarfs as well as the clothes I’ve come to know and trust. There were so many fun things in the store. They even had their undershirts done with graphic art on them! That’s something I haven’t seen before.




New Sweet Salt Store in ClintonThe clothes. I have to say that I love the way Sweet Salt Clothing is kind of rebranding themselves as a younger company. The clothes they have now are cute, and in style. I love the colors, fabrics, and types of clothing they are currently selling. I had a blast trying things on. And their prices are reasonable as well. That’s always important. 




A really fun thing about this store is the area that people can reserve for free. There’s a catwalk that you can use to have your own modest fashion shows. That will be such a fun thing for the young women or even Relief Society groups in the area for their activities. 


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