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waiting for youUSA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore welcomes you to Pine Valley! 

WAITING FOR YOU is Gwen & Seth’s story.

Gwen Robbins loves her job waitressing at the Pine Valley resort restaurant, and as a single woman, she has no trouble turning down any offers of dates from the restaurant patrons. Even when her boss, Seth Owens, shows interest in her, she’s not tempted in the least, no matter how strong their attraction. 

But when Seth helps her through a crisis, she begins to see him in a different light. He’s not the rich and privileged business owner she first makes him out to be, but a man who’s making huge sacrifices to follow his own dreams. As Seth encourages Gwen to mend her own divide with her family, she realizes her heart is slowly opening toward a better future.

My review

I always love reading books in a series. It’s so much fun to see how life turns out for characters that you’ve grown to know and love. Heather Moore’s Pine Valley novels are that way. I love that you can read them in any order and they’ll still make sense. And her characters are some of my very favorites.

Waiting for You  features Seth and Gwen. Gwen is pretty much an amazing woman. She was raised in a wealthy family. But when she realized how much suffering was in the world, she gave that life up. She traded her life of privilege for serving others, a small apartment, a car that doesn’t run always and a job as a waitress. Gwen inspires me with the way she’s always volunteering at the homeless shelter. She wants the best for those people. Including Fourth of July cupcakes.

That’s where Seth comes in. When Gwen’s cupcake order falls through, he’s quick to offer to help her bake them. Something I thought was really fun about Seth was that he is actually a man who went to a fancy cooking school. That’s something his wealthy parents are actually ashamed of. I loved watching as Seth and Gwen really learned about each other. And as they fell in love over good food and spending a lot of time together. 

This is such a fun series! Make sure you read them all!

I was sent an e-copy of Waiting for You as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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