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About Wedding Bell Blues

wedding bell bluesThe last thing Ashley, newly divorced with two children in tow, expected was  to trust another man so soon, but when the Matron of Honor falls for the Best Man, can she trust herself?

After divorcing her cheating husband, Ashley returns to Echo Ridge looking to start a new life with her two young sons. She has no plans to get involved with another man anytime soon–if ever. But when she starts working for her future brother-in-law’s best friend, she realizes she hasn’t locked away her heart like she thought. 

Scott has all but given up on figuring out the business’s bookkeeping program, and women aren’t even on his radar–until Ashley comes into the picture. She untangles his books like magic and she and her boys seem to permeate all the empty corners of his life. Can he convince her that they are a perfect match?

My review

I love all of these Echo Ridge Romances! I love the little town of Echo Ridge. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. They all help each other out as best as they can.

The characters in this one are fabulous. I really liked Ashley. I could totally understand her point of view. Her husband had cheated on her and left her with two little boys to take care of. Her ex-husband also expects her to jump through all kinds of unreasonable hoops. She works hard to take care of her kids, even taking the boys with her to her job. When Scott needs some additional help with his business finances, she jumps at the chance to earn a bit of extra money.

Scott is just trying to keep his family business afloat. But he has more office work than he’d like. Ashley taking that off his hands gives him the chance to work on other aspects that he’s been neglecting. It’s a win win. And even more so as he starts falling in love with not only Ashley, but her two adorable boys as well. I loved the way Scott goes out of his way to do things for Ashley and her boys. He provides toys for them to play with when they’re at his family business. He even takes them for a walk when they get antsy. Scott’s always looking for a way to help her out.

Something that’s kind of fun about the story in this book is that Ashley is her sister, Haley’s, Matron of Honor and Scott is the best man of Damon, Haley’s fiance. I loved the way they had multiple ways to get to know each other and plenty of time to fall in love, even though Ashley wasn’t sure she ever wanted to fall in love again!

This is a cute, clean, fun romance that you won’t want to put down! It’s a perfect afternoon escape!

I was gifted an e-copy of Wedding Bell Blues by the author. All opinions are my own.

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