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About Seeking Mr Debonair

seeking mr debonair

A dedicated romantic, a spurned cowboy, and the pact that keeps them apart.
Harley Redland vowed at age twelve to marry a man as debonair as Mr. Darcy. Too bad she’s in love with her older brother’s best friend, Crew Harrison.
Harley’s dreams are about to come true when she’s accepted into Cambridge for her master’s program. When she gets the call to come home to Wyoming because her father is dying, her world completely falls apart.
Crew Harrison has known all his life that Harley Redland is the one for him. If only he can convince her he is as charming, educated, and romantic as any Jane Austen hero. When she gets off the plane, she’s hanging on the arm of her dream Englishman and he just knows she’ll never see him as anything but a hick cowboy.
Can these two overcome pride and prejudices to find the love that’s always been in front of them?

My Review

I’ve been going through my Kindle for the last week or so and reading a bunch of the books that I downloaded a while ago. That’s when I came across this one, Seeking Mr Debonair, by one of my favorite authors, Cami Checketts. I’m not sure, but I think I borrowed this one from Kindle Unlimited a few months ago. 

Anyway…I was sucked into the story of this one from the very beginning. I love Jane Austen’s books just like the main character, Harley, does. Probably not quite as much as she does. I loved her whole idea of finding a debonair English gentleman to marry. It looks like all her dreams are coming true. She’s been accepted to Cambridge for her master’s degree. Then she gets the call about her dad. One thing about Harley that I really loved was her dedication to her family. She knew she might have to give up her dream of going to Cambridge, but she went ahead and went home anyway. 

There were some touching scenes with Harley and her family. I really loved one in particular near the end of the book. But I can’t say much more about it, I don’t want to give anything away. I also loved the way Harley’s family loved and fought for Crew. They all wanted her to give him a chance. Little did they know that there was no way she’d consider it, she still wanted her dream.

I loved Crew. He was a gentleman. Crew knew how to work. He knew Harley and was able to give her what she needed. At times that was simply space, other times it was support when things with her dad were hard. He’s just a great guy. He even rescued her when she needed it.

I loved the love story in this one. I loved the way it all played out. At times, it didn’t seem like it was going to work out best for either Harley or Crew.

This one is great! Make sure you pick up your own copy!

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