I realized the other day that I haven’t really written a Favorite Friday post in a little bit. So, I was going back through some of my photos from the summer just trying to figure out something to write about. We have had some little adventures that I’ll probably talk about sooner than later. But I ran across a picture of the dinner I got from Crust Club and thought that might be a fun thing to talk about.

Crust ClubCrust Club is a little pie shop in Pleasant Grove, Utah. There are several really unique things about Crust Club. They make pies. But not only sweet pies. They make all different kinds of dinner pies and pan dinners. They also do have a few sweet ones, usually in a “Baby” form. The flavors they have of both the sweet and savory change quite a lot, it might even be weekly. You can either get your pies ready to bake or flash frozen, meaning that they’d need to sit in the fridge for a day or so before baking. Then you pop the pie in your oven for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size and wallah, you’ve got dinner!

Another unique thing is that you can either order them for pick up in Pleasant Grove, or for delivery. For me, they offer local delivery. They bring the pie to my door in a refrigerated box, the day after I order it. I loved that when I opened the box, I found my pan dinner inside in a state of refrigerated readiness. We had planned to have someone be home when it arrived. But life happens and it didn’t work out that way. The pan dinner, we had the Mac and Cheese was still perfect. I put it in the fridge and it made a perfect Sunday dinner that week.

I don’t think they are currently offering delivery country wide, though I know they did for a while. It looks like delivery is currently local only, so if you live in Utah, check them out!

The Mac and Cheese was so great! Our whole family enjoyed it. I enjoyed not having to spend tons of time in the kitchen cooking, or cleaning up after it, while still having a hot meal. 

So, honestly, is this something you couldn’t make yourself at home. No, but it’s convenient and who doesn’t love to get a delivery! Next I need to try out some of the sweet babies!

This post is not sponsored in any way. I ordered and paid for the pie I got. This is my own honest opinion.


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