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About Seeking Mr Dependable

seeking mr dependableA broken-hearted Romeo. A wrongly-accused woman. Can he keep her safe if she puts her life in his hands? 

Brooke Isaacson’s ex-fiancĂ© pulls a gun on her and she has no choice but to run. When she runs straight to Wyoming and into the arms of Ryker Redland, she’s not sure if she’s found her Mr. Dependable or found the biggest heartbreak of her life. 

A deserted cabin and a territorial grizzly tracking them will either bring them together or be their death sentence.

My review

Cami Checketts is one of my very favorite authors! I borrowed this one on my Kindle Unlimited membership as soon as I saw that it was out. I’m always glad to find authors like her. I know I can pick up any of her books and I’m going to get great characters, a fun story that keeps me interested and it’s going to be clean.

This one is no different. I loved the characters! Let’s start with Brooke. She’s a young woman engaged to be married to a politician. But, when she decides he’s not the one for her, he pulls a gun on her and she has to get out fast. She ends up in Wyoming, at the home of one of her best friends, Harley Redmond, from Seeking Mr Debonair (make sure to read that one first!). Harley doesn’t live there any more, but Harley’s brother Ryker does. And he’s willing to protect Brooke. 

I loved Brooke’s character, she’s a strong young woman. She got out of a nasty relationship as soon as she could. She faces her very worst fears in this book and comes out on top. I really loved that she shows her vulnerability, as well as her strength during the story.

Ryker…he’s great as well! I loved that he was willing to do whatever it took to protect Brooke from any thing that came her way. Even herself at one point. He’s a great kind of cowboy, the best.

The plot of this one is awesome! There was plenty of danger and situations for the characters to get themselves out of, as well as plenty of romantic scenes. 

I loved this book! Other reviewers are complaining about there not being a lot about Jane Austen in this book. Brooke explains that best later in the plot, she just wasn’t as into Jane Austen as some of the other girls may have been. This book is a perfect romance that I didn’t want to put down!

I borrowed Seeking Mr Dependable using my Kindle Unlimited membership.

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