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About The Corporate Groom

the corporate groomA contemporary mail-order bride book with a billionaire twist. 

Kensington Donegal is in trouble. Her father is dying and her sisters are plotting against her to sell off the family ice cream business—a business that has made them all billionaires. The position of CEO will be decided by a vote and her sisters’ two votes will cancel out her one—unless she gets married. In desperation she turns to her aunt, Pamela Jones, who is an experienced match maker for the wealthy. Kensington counts on Aunt Pamela to find the type of husband that will get her the vote and secure her position as CEO. What she wasn’t counting on was Nash Westport’s immovable moral compass. He won’t vote for her unless she can prove she’s the best woman for the job. 

Nash isn’t about to give away his chance at redemption—not for a big paycheck and certainly not for a pretty face. Kensington certainly is beautiful and her ability to command a room is unquestionable. What Nash has to worry about, is her ability to take command of his heart. He needs to be a stand-up guy and shake off the dust of his misdeeds so he can regain his family’s trust and earn a new reputation. 

When the vote for CEO is cast, and Nash is once again portrayed as the bad guy, he finds that he doesn’t care as much about his reputation with the business world as he does for his relationship with Kensington. The problem is, he may have already lost her. 

Kensington doesn’t know what to think of the man she married. For a mail-order groom, he turned out to be surprisingly tender, big-hearted, handsome, and a pain in the backside. Kensington is forced to choose between her family’s legacy and her temporary husband. She’ll have to gamble one of them or lose them both—and her dreams—forever.

My review

I got a cheap subscription to Kindle Unlimited on Amazon Prime Day and it’s been so much fun! With Kindle Unlimited you can borrow up to two titles from the library at a time for free! I love reading books for free! 

The Corporate Groom was at the top of my borrowing list. It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a Billionaire Marriage Brokers book and this was a great one!

I love the whole idea of Pamela and the way she is a matchmaker extraordinaire! I don’t know how she knows that the people she puts together will end up falling in love, but they pretty much always do. It was so much fun that Pamela is Kensington’s aunt in this book. I loved the family connection.

Kensington and Nash are no different. Kensington aka Kenzie (I love her nickname) is a young billionaire. She works for her family’s business, Hazel’s Dairy Delights, best job ever! But her father, the current CEO, is dying and Kenzie knows that her sisters are going to sell off the family business if she doesn’t do something quickly. Enter her cousin Harrison. Harrison is a lawyer working for Billionaire Marriage Brokers. But he also knows her father’s will backwards and forwards. And he knows that if Kenzie gets married her husband can vote too.

Nash is looking for a job. He’s just been released from prison for doing something that he normally would never have done. But he was tricked into it. His family disowned him, so sad. He’s sent to Billionaire Marriage Brokers after another interview he has. And he ends up matched to Kenzie. But she has no idea he’s been to prison. 

I loved the whole plot of this one. There’s always something going on. From Kenzie’s own problems. To her family, her dad who is dying, her backstabbing sisters, her crazy and demanding grandma. And the staff at Hazel’s Dairy Delights are so great as well! All of the little details were amazing! I loved the whole book! And I especially loved the ending!

If you’re a fan of well-written contemporary romance, this book is for you!

I borrowed a copy of The Corporate Groom from the Kindle Unlimited library.

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