I grew up in a very small town in Idaho. We didn’t have a lot of things near us. And I can’t say that Christmas wasn’t great there. But I have noticed that the magic of Christmas in Salt Lake City is just amazing!

I love heading downtown and being able to see all the lights, the Christmas windows made of candy or just whimsical decorations. There are many places in Salt Lake City that you can find decorations and lights. And bonus…they’re mostly free to view.

I love being able to go to Temple Square several times in the Christmas season. The magic of Christmas in Salt Lake City reflects in our children’s eyes as we do this and all of our other traditions.

The Magic of Christmas in Salt Lake City

I’m not going to tell you all of our Christmas traditions here. If you’re interested to see what our family enjoys doing at Christmas time, click over to my article on Tips For Family Trips that posted this week and you can see them. I also wrote a blog post last year about some of our favorite traditions.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that brings family bonding quite like family traditions. I find other people’s family Christmas traditions interesting. Would you be willing to tell me some of your family’s favorite traditions? You could leave a comment on this post, or on my Instagram or Facebook pages (links at the top of the page). And if you live in the same general area that I do and have suggestions for new traditions for our family, please let me know! I’d love new suggestions!

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