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Meant for You

A hometown hero that’s suffering a personal crisis. A single-mom who’s finally back on her feet. And the what-ifs they finally have a chance of seeing come true.

A year after her divorce, Chelsea Lewis spends most of her days working part-time at her cousin’s bakery and hiding veggies in her picky son’s lunches. Then she reconnects with an old friend who helps Chelsea in all the ways she’s forgotten she needs—including romantic ones.

Former football player, DJ Kaiser, is back in his hometown, working as a fireman to serve his community, but after nearly burning down his own house with a barbeque and wrecking the Chief’s truck, his mistakes are stacked against him—until he sets out to ease the stress of Chelsea’s load. Serving her has him feeling like a hero again.

When Chelsea’s ex shows up and begs Chelsea to move closer so his young son doesn’t grow up without his father, Chelsea and DJ have to consider what’s best for Chelsea’s little family, even if that means sacrificing the relationship that has saved them both.

My review

I’m always happy to read a book by Ranee S Clark! I’ve read so many of hers and loved them. These Playing for Keeps books are some of my favorites. You can see what I thought of the previous books (make sure to read them first, they’re all great!) Playing for Keeps , Double Play , and Love, Jane.

I love the way Chelsea seemed like a real person. She had hopes and dreams, but like all of us, she had things she saw as failings. I have to say that at the end of the book, I was a little sad that I couldn’t actually have her for a friend. She’s just the kind of person I’d like to be friends with!

And DJ…I’m so glad to finally be able to read his story. I’ve loved him in all the other books. But it was so fun to see things through his perspective in this one. I loved the way he goes out of his way for Chelsea and for Austin, her little boy. He really is an amazing character. It was fun to see him help Austin grow and change throughout this book. And I had to laugh a little bit at the crazy things that kept happening to him throughout the book. I didn’t know any one person could have as many bad things happen as DJ did!

I wasn’t sure this book was going to end up with a happy ending for everyone as I read it. I’m not going to spoil that for anyone. But I did love the ending. It was perfect!

I was sent an e-copy of Meant for You as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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