About Her Beast of a Billionaire Boss

Her Beast of a Billionaire Boss

This clean romance will sweep you away to a castle where maids do your laundry, a cook makes lobster for dinner, and there’s a beauty parlor in the basement. 

Welcome to The Cove 

With heavy iron gates, two security stations, and a groundskeeper’s cottage, The Cove has everything a billionaire could ask for in a home. Dubbed Billionaire Bachelor Cove because of the resident’s single status and income portfolios, The Cove is the perfect place to hide away from the world. But, as the residents soon find out, they can’t hide from love. 

Her Beast of a Billionaire Boss 

When Bella Creer’s father has a heart attack and is unable to finish his contract for Adam Moreau, a ruthless lawyer based in Seattle, she steps in to take his place and save The Cove Phase II. 

Adam, a billionaire who lives in a secluded castle on a cliff, is gruff, demanding, brilliant, and injured. An acid attack left its mark on Adam’s face but it’s his heart wounds that Bella sees clearly. 

As she takes on the management of a multi-billion-dollar project, Bella’s confidence in herself strengthens and her attraction to Adam grows. But Adam didn’t become the best lawyer in the state by making friends and the wolves circle, ready to attack him at his weakest. Bella will have to be stronger than she’s ever been just to survive. And, before it’s too late, she’ll need to realize that her true power lies in her ability to love beyond measure.

My review

The fairy tale retelling trend is really fun! I loved the way Lucy McConnell did this one. There are so many parts where it feels like a Disney Movie. And so many parts where it feels like a Hallmark movie. I really loved everything about it!

Let’s talk about Bella. She’s a vibrant young woman. When first we meet her in the story, she’s on her way to get married to her fiance, Charles. Only they’re just going to get married in the courthouse by a justice of the peace. I love the way she finds joy in the situation and wears her favorite yellow dress. In fact, she seems to find joy in almost every situation, even when things are going wrong. I loved her strength, her sense of right and wrong and her work ethic.

Then there’s Adam. He’s known, not so affectionately, as The Beast. He meets Bella going into the courthouse. Little could either of them know that their lives are about to change. They’re going to be thrown together. Adam is a lawyer and he wins his case, but as he’s leaving court, the defendant throws acid on him, ruining his face. I loved the way Adam’s heart begins to open during this story.

The plot of this one is so much fun! I loved everything about it. Make sure to read it! I can’t wait for more.

I borrowed Her Beast of a Billionaire Boss for free from Kindle Unlimited. All opinions are my own.

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