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Falling for Centerfield

Cole has secrets. 
Harlow has a past. 
Will the part of his life Cole hides tear them apart, or become the very thing she loves most about him? 

Major League Baseball Player, Cole Hunter, has strong ties to his college days and the university he shared with five of his best friends, now known as the #BellTownSixPack. When an old acquaintance, Harlow Ember, walks in, wearing his jersey and his signature sunglasses, he knows this woman might have what it takes to capture his heart. But none of Cole’s typical efforts to gain a girl’s attention seem to work on Harlow. 

Harlow Ember is asked to report on a charity event for children back in Belltown sponsored by Cole Hunter and the Six Pack. Even though Cole attracts her in all the right ways, she has goals of her own that don’t involve losing her heart to one more guy who will end up leaving her cold. While her trust is at an all-time low, her interest and attraction are a raging pull in the other direction. 

Will her hurts from the past and the secrets he hides work in their favor or end things before they can even begin? 

My review

This book is really a lot of fun! I loved the chemistry between Harlow and Cole in this one from the very start. There were parts where I didn’t like Cole. But more on that later. All in all this one’s great!

Harlow Ember is a journalist. She went to Belltown University at the same time as the Six Pack. She knew all of them. Now she’s assigned to cover their lives for the newspaper. I loved how that gave her access to Cole that no one else ever got. Harlow is a bit of a spitfire, especially when she’s around Cole. That part of the book was so much fun! I really loved the whole #hecklerharlow thing that goes on in this book. You’d better read it to find out why!

Cole…when Cole was being himself I really liked him. When he was being “Big Dawg” I thought he was really self absorbed and not kind. It seemed like Harlow had a bit of a hard time with this too. While she was able to joke around and be “Little Dawg” through part of it, when anything was really important she wanted Cole to be just Cole. This is I’m sure what the author intended with this character, so it actually works really well for the plot.

I liked the plot. There were so many fun baseball parts. And there were beautiful romantic parts. There were also some parts that were just sad. Those parts were all balanced out by the funny parts. I loved just how many funny parts were in this one. This book really has it all. And it’s so well done!

If you love contemporary romance, with or without sports references, you’ll love this one!

I was sent an e-copy of Falling for Centerfield by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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