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Kiss and Makeup

One kiss is all they need to go from friends to lovers. Who will cross the line first?

Maddie regrets putting Connor in the friendzone by kissing another man. Her chance at redemption comes when she’s hired as a makeup artist on a film in London, Connor’s city. All she needs to do is apologize, and coax him across the friendship line—if Connor still wants her.

Connor should’ve moved on from Maddie when she made it clear she wasn’t interested in a relationship with a stuffy British banker. With her arrival in London, Connor plans to make the most of his second chance. But his secrets will either win her heart or drive her back across the Atlantic for good.

My review

I LOVED this book! There were so many things about this one that just made it amazing. I can’t think of one thing about it I didn’t like.

Maddie is a great character. I loved that she seemed real. She was just a bit clueless about Connor and his feelings. But the more time she spent with him (which was every moment he thought he could get away with) she fell just a bit more and more in love with him.

And how could she not love Connor?! He was the perfect English gentleman. I loved the way his accent just kind of jumped off the pages for me. And all the little things Connor did for Maddie just made me happy. He goes out of his way to make her comfortable, even having her stay in his home without her knowing about it. I loved the little notes and chess pieces that he left for Maddie too. Connor is probably my favorite thing about this book!

I loved the way the reader feels as though they’ve been on a trip to England reading this one. The reader gets to visit iconic London places with Maddie and Conner, places like the London Eye and Harrods. Sigh…all places I’d love to see!

And the plot is great too. The love story of Maddie and Connor is not as cut and dried as it seems it should be. It takes most of the story for things to work out. And I wasn’t really sure they ever would.

If you love a cute, clean, contemporary romance, look no further than this one!

I borrowed Kiss and Makeup from Kindle Unlimited. All opinions are my own.

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