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Charming the Shortstop

He’s not looking. She’s been burned. But sparks fly, and they decide to go on a date. Just this once.

When professional baseball player Axel Diaz travels back to Belltown University for a friend’s wedding, he’s not planning on bringing a date. Until he meets Brighton West, the flight attendant who he can’t get off his mind. Although dubbed “Cold Axe” by some of his female fans, Axel asks Brighton to be his date to the wedding, all the while wondering why of all times and places he is breaking his no-dating streak. But the more he gets to know Brighton, the more he realizes she may be the one woman who can melt his cold heart. 

My review

I am LOVING these Belltown Six Pack books! I love the characters and the plots. And their written by some of my favorite authors. These are all written so they stand on their own. I like that in a way. In another way, it’s a bit odd that they don’t talk about the girls that are with the guys in the stories that are already out. And that is a bit weird to me. But I still love them!

Axel might be my favorite hero of the Six Pack so far. I love the way he looks out for his mom and his sister, even giving up his own time for them. He almost sees himself as his sister’s dad figure. And that makes sense, given their past. I really loved the way Brighton helped him get past that a little bit as this book went on.

Brighton is a great character too! I loved the idea of being a flight attendant as I read it. Until she met a couple of unsavory men. But Axel fixed them. And that made it better. There were so many things about Brighton that I loved. She is up for almost anything. A friend’s mom’s wedding…sure. Playing a form of baseball after, in her dress without shoes…sign her up. Meeting mom…not so much. That part of her, made her human and I loved it!

The plot of this one is a lot of fun! I love this kind of romance. And the reader gets to see all of the Six Pack together. That’s always a ton of fun!

I can’t wait for more of these great books!

I was sent an e-copy of Charming the Shortstop as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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