Learning dynamics

I was so excited to get to work with the Learning Dynamics reading system! Our little guy is 5, he hasn’t started kindergarten yet. He’s been learning to read using the Waterford online program. And it’s great for free. But I was looking for more books on his own level to help him get better at reading.

The Learning Dynamics system has tons of books, more than 50, in fact. It has a children’s workbook and a book to help the parent teach the child. One really fun thing that it includes is a CD with music to go with each and every lesson. I loved that!

My little guy and I have gone through the Learning Dynamics lessons and books a bit faster than most. That’s due to the fact that he already knows sight words and all of his letters from his other program he’s done. But I can see from what we’ve done that these books would teach any child to read fairly quickly. According to all of their materials, most kids are ready to read their first book within about 4 weeks. That’s super fast!

The books in the Learning Dynamics system are so much fun! Our little guy has enjoyed learning to read them. He loves the pictures and is always pointing out something in them that is funny. We’ve read them over and over and we never get tired of them.

We’ve also had fun working through the lessons together. I love the easy way that the parent lesson manual helps the parent to teach their child. And the workbook pages are always fun to do. Our little guy has had fun working on them and fine tuning his reading skills.

And guess what, you too can have your little people learn to read using the Learning Dynamic’s system! Learning Dynamics has generously offered to give my readers 10 percent off, just use code BookaDay10 and you’ll be on your way.

I was sent a copy of the Learning Dynamics reading system as a gift from them. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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