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Love in Bloom

Camille is supposed to keep her stress level down. A fake marriage is definitely against the doctor’s orders.

Following a collapse at Lakr, her makeup company, workaholic Camille is sent to the French Riviera to reshape her health habits. The beach is beautiful, but boring, until Camille reunites with university chum Tristan. He does things to her heart her doctor wouldn’t approve of.

When he offers her the chance to attend the exclusive French Royal Château and Garden Tour, Camille jumps at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However they’ll have to enter into a fake marriage to go on the tour.

On holiday from his research lab in India, Tristan is delighted to be reunited with Camille, his university crush. With each passing day, his feelings for her grow. Self doubt convinces him that he’s unworthy of her love. Tristan must protect her from the secrets of his past, even if it means breaking both of their hearts.

My review

I LOVE a good contemporary romance! Love in Bloom is that in every way. I loved the plot, the characters and the setting. It’s just so great!

Camille is a great character. I was so glad to get to read her story, after meeting her in Kiss and Makeup. She’s flawed, making her seem even more real. Camille is a workaholic type who had to be forced to take a vacation from her company, Lakr. She was bored all by herself in the French Riviera. So life got better for her when she found a man from her college days at the same resort.

Tristan…he’s a great guy. And he quickly sweeps Camille off her feet. But he keeps himself at a distance. My favorite thing about Tristan was the way he goes out of his way to find things he knows Camille will love. He takes her on a special garden tour that she’d have no way to get into herself. The only catch, they are supposed to be married.

This is where the fun part of the plot starts. They pose as a married couple. But both of them really want to be married, so that is a bit hard for the two of them. I loved the way these two were so sweet together. And I loved the way things went for them. There were so many times I doubted they’d ever work. And maybe they don’t. You’ll have to read it and find out for yourself!

I was sent an e-copy of Love in Bloom as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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