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He’s the guy she loves to hate.

Emma Lindsor writes beautiful books adored by literary critics, even if readers don’t exactly line up for them. Aidan Maxwell writes heart-pounding thrillers with explosions and car chases. And thanks to his handsome face, readers line up for blocks to buy his novels.

Aidan Maxwell stands for everything Emma loathes, and when professional circumstances throw them together, sparks fly—angry ones. But as their paths keep crossing, will they see past their own hardwired ideas to star in a love story all their own?

My review

I’ve been looking forward to reading this one ever since I finished The ABC’s of Dating, renamed to The Dating Game. I already knew that I liked the way this author writes. This book did not disappoint! Reading this one just left me wanting more!

I loved Emma. The first thing I noticed was the chemistry between Aidan and Emma. They really just worked, even though Emma thought she hated him. There were so many times when these two were together that I laughed out loud. They are just so great together.

I loved the way Aidan goes out of his way to be able to help Emma. He helps her with her book and he helps her with her private life as well.

I wasn’t sure I loved Aidan during the first chapter. My first impression of him was pretty much the same as Emma’s. But, since the reader is able to see what he’s thinking as well as Emma, I had a greater grasp of his character. And I liked him sooner than Emma did.

This book is probably my favorite one I’ve read in a while. Make sure to grab your own copy!

I borrowed a copy of A is for Author for free from Amazon.

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