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kissing a billionaire

Money doesn’t equal happiness. But sometimes it paves the way . . .

When billionaire, Mia Jagger, goes to Casper, Wyoming to covertly evaluate a ranch in foreclosure for her father’s company, she never anticipates falling and hitting her head. When she wakes up and doesn’t remember who she is, admittedly, she’s afraid, and all she wants is that blue-eyed man who held her hand in the hospital. Ross Charm doesn’t want to take a woman who can’t remember anything back to his ranch, but she keeps insisting on going with him and what is he supposed to do—leave her with no one to help her? When her family shows up and they both learn the truth, they must make a choice: let the past keep them apart or let true love have its’ happily ever after.

BE MY PLUS ONE by Heather B. Moore
Amanda Wurst has been preparing for months to meet with a group of venture capitalists and get funding for her app, but twenty minutes into the meeting, she’s both humiliated and embarrassed. Quickly packing up her things, she takes off for the elevator, only to be joined by Jeremy Lode, the president. He apologizes and offers her a partnership for her new app product. At first, Amanda wants to turn him down out of pride, but his offer is too good to refuse. Besides, Jeremy Lode is an intriguing man in more ways than one.

TO HIDE AND TO HOLD by Sophia Summers
Lake Tahoe never looked as good as it did the day Chad meets Grace. Her mysterious effort to keep her life a secret only intrigues him more. When his own life spirals into crazy with his parents trying to set him up with a woman to further their business goals, he’s happy to keep things on a first name basis with Grace. Brilee Grace Townsend loves her eggshell camper, her simple campground, and her Huskie named Bear. Hiding out while she writes the story of her experiences working with a Senator and then walking out on her parents and fortune, seemed like the best part of her Spring until she met Chad. When Chad discovers Grace is the very girl both their parents hoped he would date, he couldn’t be happier. When Grace finds out, she never wants to speak to him again.

Lauren has built a cosmetics empire and now lives a great life in Europe with a thriving company, more money than she could spend in a lifetime, and a cottage of her own off the coast of Helsinki. But business life has taken a toll; she yearns to return to the laboratory, where she can invent and experiment. She’s decided to partner with another company that can pick up some of her workload. Carmichael Enterprises has a great track record, and she’s eager to negotiate a partnership. But when she meets the head of the company, Carmichael himself, it’s clear that he has no intention of continuing her annual charitable donations. Worse, he wants to move the headquarters, which would mean laying off her entire staff. Too bad she can’t partner with Carmichael’s assistant, Eric. He’s smart, funny, and kind. He even visits sick children in hospitals as Bow Tie the Clown. Lauren finds herself falling for Eric, but chances are slim of that anything can come of it, not when she’s about to cut off negotiations with his billionaire boss.

Love is the last thing on billionaire Penny’s mind, but when her grandparents dangle a seat on the Wessex Resorts board of directors in exchange for her entering the dating scene, Penny takes the challenge. Mac is at the resort for a hockey player’s bachelor party. When one of the rich players flirts with Penny and gets rejected, he bets run-of-the-mill Mac can’t get a date with her. With every date, Mac’s bet fund for his business grows, but so do his feelings for Penny. As time runs out, he’ll have to choose between wooing the billionaire for money or for love.

When bachelor billionaire Sterling Westcott hires Keighley Ainsworth to plan an important event in Dublin, she jumps at the opportunity. Time alone with her budding crush in a city she’s always wanted to visit? Yes, please! But local event planner Brogan Malone soon weaves a spell of his own, making her begin to question everything she thinks her heart wants.

My review

These Timeless Romance Anthologies are some of my very favorite books to read. I love the way each novella is by a different author – some old favorites, some new to me. Each of the novellas is about a common theme. The theme of this one happens to be billionaires. And I loved it!

The Undercover Billionaire by Taylor Hart is the first novella in this collection. I loved everything about it! I loved Mia. She just wants to be known as herself, not as a Jagger. She wishes she could be. And amazingly she has an accident where she lost her memory of who she was. She’s found and cared for by Ross and his sweet daughter. I loved the way these two were able to just be themselves without any pressure from anyone around them.

Next up is Be My Plus One by Heather B Moore. I loved the way Amanda is in this one. She’s super smart, she’s developed an app and needs an investor. That’s how she meets Jeremy. Through a series of unfortunate events that turn out to be fortunate, he offers to invest in her app. I loved the way Amanda tries to keep everything businesslike. But Jeremy has other plans. I loved the way he goes to bat for her to get some harpies off her back. Such a fun one!

To Hide and to Hold by Sophia Summers comes next. This one’s about Chad and Grace. Chad, especially at the beginning, comes across as a bit of a spoiled rich boy. He goes on an ill-fated camping trip and ends up meeting Grace. Grace is a complicated character. She’s from a wealthy family and had some issues. So she’s in hiding. I loved that aspect of this one. And I love how Chad goes out of his way to win her over, so she doesn’t run again.

Then we have Bow Tie or the Billionaire by Annette Lyon. This one is set in Finland. our characters are Lauren and Eric. Lauren owns a cosmetics company that she’s looking to find a partner for. Enter Carmichael and Eric. Carmichael comes across as a jerk, but his assistant Eric seems nice. I loved the way Lauren trusts Eric enough to go with him when he goes to the hospital dressed as a clown. This was such a sweet part. And it helps Lauren to make a decision when something not so nice comes to light about Eric.

In How to Woo a Billionaire in Ten Days by Danyelle Ferguson we meet Penny. She’s the billionaire in this one. And there’s a bet involved with some bachelors, Mac and Penny. Penny doesn’t know about the bet. She does know that her grandmother is insisting she stop working for a bit and have some fun. Hanging out with Mac fits the bill. But when she finds out about the bet, everything is off! I really liked the plot in this one.

Last we have A Billionaire Abroad by Sarah M Eden. Keighley is the main female lead in this one. She goes to Dublin, Ireland to plan an event for billionaire Sterling Wescott. Things go a bit crazy while she’s there and she ends up working with Brogan. I loved the way he got her to see the city. And how he showed her the local scene. The ending of this one was fantastic. I really loved the feeling the author left of having escaped to Ireland for a bit.

Each of these novellas are fantastic! I loved this collection so much!

I was sent an e-copy of Kissing a Billionaire by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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