About Snatching the Catcher

Snatching the Catcher

Grizz is about to break all of the rules for something he never imagined he would be risking . . . His heart.

Rachel Bennett has spent her entire life reaching for her dreams to dance professionally, and has come close enough that she’s content with where she is. Enter Grizz McCarthy, one of her brother’s best friends and a member of the beloved Belltown Six Pack. Ranked as one of the hottest pro athletes of the year, Rachel finds there is so much more to Grizz than that, and soon he has her reaching for more.

Rachel should be off limits for David “Grizz” McCarthy. That’s a universally accepted fact, courtesy of his bond with his brothers in the Six Pack. But the more time he spends with Rachel, the less he cares about that fact, and what it could do to his friendships.

About the series

Welcome to Belltown!

Six baseball players meet in the college town of Belltown, Massachusetts, becoming best friends, their lives intertwining as they each get called up to the Major Leagues. Follow Sawyer, Cole, Axel, David, Ryker, and Levi in these six swoony sports romances.

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My review

Okay…I know I keep saying this, but Grizz is probably my favorite Bell Town Six Pack member. I loved everything about him. And really everything about this whole book. Rebecca Connolly did an amazing job.

This one features Rachel, Sawyer’s sister. We met Sawyer in Hitching the Pitcher. I loved Rachel just as much as I loved Grizz. She’s a dancer trying to make it in Pittsburgh. One thing about Rachel is that she doesn’t think she’s anything special. Even when everyone around her, including her boy crazy best friend, thinks she amazing. She knows all of the Six Pack, they are almost like older brothers to her. And they, especially Grizz, are really protective of her.

I loved how one of the first things you read in the book is Grizz saving Rachel from a date that she isn’t thrilled with. He wants more than she’s willing to give and that’s when Grizz steps in. I loved the way he looks after Rachel throughout the book. He’s a bit conflicted. Grizz wants to be happy with falling for Rachel. But he knows that Sawyer isn’t necessarily going to be thrilled about it.

I loved the way these two fell in love. Their love story is one of those swoon-worthy, sigh worthy ones. With plenty of humor and just plain fun! I loved this one so much! And I can’t wait for the next one of these Bell Town Six Pack books!

I was sent an e-copy of Snatching the Catcher as a gift. All opinions are my own.

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