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The Dancing Groom

A professional dancer who doesn’t want a man to help her, a professional football player who can’t resist a challenge! 

Boston Brady, running back for the Miami Surf, only wanted three things from his month at a beach resort—to take care of his brother, train for football, and forget his ex-girlfriend! When he is suckered into taking dance classes by his brother, he never expected to get stuck with the one woman he’d accidentally infuriated upon arriving. 

The beautiful and talented Addison Adair, former coach from Dancing With The Stars only wants two things–a spot on Jive International, a prestigious dance company, and to erase the pain and loneliness of losing her husband. When her dance partner falls through and Boston Brady agrees to fill in, and she suddenly finds her world turned upside down. He’s intense and gives the Brady Guarantee that she’ll get that spot—no matter what! 

After long days of training, dips in the ocean at night, and an attraction for the football player that scares her, she finds herself getting lost in those blue eyes and lost in the kindness of the man she didn’t think was possible and isn’t sure she’s ready for. 

Just when Boston’s family has an emergency, a dark part of his past shows up, derailing her audition. Now they’re left with a choice—believe the worst and walk away, or believe in the power of second chances. 

My review

Some of my favorite books contain similar things, great characters, an engaging plot and a sweet romance. This one has all of that! And it’s one you can read and enjoy in an afternoon. I love that too!

Boston…I have to say that at the beginning of the book, I shared Addison’s view of Boston. He comes across as completely self-centered, arrogant, and that because he’s a big star, everyone else should get out of his way. In fact, that’s how they first meet. He’s looking for rice and knocks her and her food down in his haste to find some. Not his best moment! But as the book goes on, I realized that there really were a lot of good things about him. I loved how he was with his brother, Ty. And the way he looked after Addie when he really didn’t have to.

I really liked Addie. She has been through a lot. She was married and her husband died not long into their marriage very suddenly. At the start of this book she’s trying to get back to her dream job of dancing by working at The Royal Palm as a dancing instructor and training for a dancing audition. Addie is really down to earth. She’s super focused on getting to her goals. That makes Boston a bit of an obstacle to that for her. But the more they get thrown together, the more she ends up liking him. I loved the dance parts and chemistry between the two.

I loved the plot of this one. It’s just a fun, quick read that is perfect for summer. This one is the start of a fun new series about The Royal Palm resort. I’m excited to get to read all of the romances!

I was sent an e-copy of The Dancing Groom as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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