About Emeline’s Redemption

Emeline's Redemption

Why be a shrinking violet when you can be a voice for good? 

As a newcomer to the town of Belle, Wyoming, Emeline Haywood wasn’t prepared for the trouble that awaited her when a man with less than honorable intentions sought her out. Now, accepting a tutoring position for a greenhorn rancher and his two children, who have challenges of their own, seems like a good way to escape the townspeople’s censure. What she thinks will be an easy job however, turns into anything but when disaster strikes. Not only that, but she finds herself taking on a secret identity to sway public opinion in favor of women’s right to vote. Can she hold it all together or will another scandal claim her peace once again? 

Richard Dodge escaped the life his parents wanted for him when he married the woman of his dreams. But now, that woman is gone, and he’s left to raise their two children on his own. Heading westward to Belle, Wyoming to become a rancher seemed like a good idea even though he knew nothing about the profession. But the good folks in Belle are willing to teach him. Good thing he’s hired a new tutor who is willing to overlook his daughter’s deformity. If only he can keep the circumstances of her birth a secret… 

Then tragedy strikes in Richard’s family and another member decides to target him. Can Emeline save him in time, and in the process, redeem herself? Will they both be given a second chance to right past wrongs? 

My review

I love finding new authors who write books that are clean and engaging. Julia Ridgemont is not necessarily a new author, I’ve read some of her other books under a different name. She’s just writing in a new category, historical western romance.

I loved the characters in this book! Emeline is such a character. I loved the way she was so passionate about women getting the vote. And the way that she went about writing letters to let others know was really fun. Something kind of neat about her character was that she made the best of what she had been given. She would have rather been in New York, but her family moved to Wyoming. Instead of being miserable about that, she found a way she could work and serve and found her own happiness.

Richard was a good guy. I really liked the way his layers kind of peeled away as the book went on. At the beginning, I thought he was fine, but by the end, he was so much better seeming to me. Anyway… I loved the way he cared for his kids. He was just a great dad. And it was obvious that he cared for Emeline as well.

This is one of those quick read books. I like that for many things. But sometimes I want more of the story. And this one seemed just a bit quick for me. I thought it was well-written. The plot kept me guessing. I really enjoyed it.

I was sent an e-copy of Emeline’s Redemption as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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