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kissing on third

His past will never go away. Hers has left deep scars. Together, maybe they can build something new.

Levi Cox carved his baseball game out of the dirt. The hard way. Bouncing between foster homes as a kid, and trying everything he could do to protect his kid brother from bullies, Levi backs down from no one and has a record to prove it. Baseball has given him a purpose and a career. A way to provide for his brother. When Levi meets Finley Gray, he finds things happening to his heart that he never thought possible. She has her own broken past, using boxing as her outlet. Yet the more Levi gets to know Finley, the more he’s convinced they belong together. Breaking through Finley’s tough exterior might be Levi’s hardest challenge ever. But he has a feeling it will be more than worth it. 

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My review

It’s always sad to get to the end of something. I was really sad that this is the last of the Belltown Six Pack books. They’ve been fun to read. And it’s been fun to get to know the Six Pack.

This one was a bit different for me. It seemed a bit…. I don’t know. Maybe darker or grungier than some of the others. It’s not that I didn’t like it. But it’s not really my favorite of the books.

That being said. I did like Levi. I liked the way he looked out for his younger brother. And he was always concerned about the little things, like Finley walking home on her own after dark. That kind of thing always is important to me.

Finley was an interesting character. She has tons of different layers. She works as a waitress. She’s a boxer. And she takes old furniture and refinishes/reupholsters it. There are lots of fun things about her. I just had a bit of a harder time feeling that I could connect with her.

I liked the plot of this one. But it didn’t grab me as well as some of the others did. The whole thing was okay.

I was sent an e-copy of Kissing on Third as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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