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It's a Prank

When Summer Snow is told she’s on the cut list for softball tryouts, she’s desperate to fix her swing. Her fear of being the only senior cut this year lands her at the local batting cages, bartering her time for free batting practice. The owner isn’t willing to make the trade; but, his son, Gabe the hottie rich kid, is willing to help her out when his dad’s not looking—as long as she cleans the men’s bathroom. Ew! But, whatever. Anything to make the team. 

Even with a few nights in the cages, her swing’s not improving. Gabe’s sincere suggestions help and before she knows it, she’s daydreaming about the cute baseball player instead of the scholarship she’s been working toward. A stolen first kiss at a party and she’s falling fast, but tryouts loom ahead of her. If she can’t keep her head in the game, Summer will end up watching, softball and Gabe, from the sidelines.

My review

Sometimes it’s nice to read a young adult book. This was one of those times. I loved that the romance in this one is light and sweet. And it was kind of nice to go back to simpler times of high school first love. I loved the baseball theme of this one too!

The characters in this one are so much fun! Summer is a high school senior with lots of responsibilities. Her parents are divorced, which leaves her running her younger sisters to their games and practices after her own. I liked the way she was resourceful. When she thought she was getting cut from the team, she figured out a way to get the extra practice she needed. And she’s smart to try to leave guys alone during high school.

But Gabe is a great guy. It was kind of neat that they both were responsible for their siblings. It wasn’t in the same way, but they were able to relate to each other. I liked the way he was a gentleman with Summer, even when she wasn’t always nice to him.

This is a cute, fun romance! It’s a quick read that I really enjoyed. If you want something light and fun, this is a good choice. Especially for your high school daughters!

I borrowed a copy of It’s a Prank using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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