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When surf instructor Carly Bridger falls for Gage Craven, she discovers the love she’s always longed for. But will the painful parts of her past threaten to tear it away? 

Gage Craven has finally gained his famous father’s approval by agreeing to star in a Hollywood film. And while he’s basking in the feels of being his old man’s pride and joy, Gage can’t help but worry over the many ways he could lose it. Topping Dad’s must-do list are two very simple words: Stay Single. After all, what other father and son team could claim to have taken the title of Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor? But when Carly Bridger surfs in and takes Gage’s life by storm, he stands to lose the relationship he worked so hard to earn. No doubt Carly’s worth the risk, but will Gage’s Hollywood ties scare her away? 

Second-grade teacher Carly Bridger is on the verge of breaking free from her past—namely, a cowboy poet named Jimmy who loves his broken heart more than her. Carly can only hope her summer job teaching surf at the Royal Palm will move her one step closer to the life she longs for. That hope comes to life when Hollywood hunk, Gage Craven, shows Carly she is able to feel something for another man after all. Yet just as hope for a future with Gage begins to flourish, the past she’s trying to forget comes back to haunt her. 

Will these crashing tides destroy their budding relationship, or will their new love be strong enough to survive the storm?

My review

I’ve loved reading these books set at the Royal Palm Resort. Something that I’ve found really fun about this are that they can be read in any order. And that there are some characters, like Christian, that make return appearances.

I love the ocean vibe of this one. Carly is a surf instructor. She’s dealt with a lot in her life. And she keeps coming back to the Royal Palm every summer to kind of ground herself. It’s an escape from her everyday life as a school teacher, but also an escape from the memories she has of her life with Jimmy.

Then there’s Gage. He’s just a normal guy, who happens to have a movie deal. But he needs to learn to surf and that’s where Carly comes in. Something I really loved about Gage was his attitude. His dad is a famous actor, but Gage is really just a down to earth guy. He’s willing to do the one movie, but then he has his own dreams to chase. And he wants to chase them.

The plot of this one was cute. It’s a quick, easy read with summer vibes. Perfect for a fall afternoon of reading.

I borrowed Catching Waves using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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