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A Different Kind of Strong

Daniel Trotter began a forty-day fast. He was consumed by the question and desperate to know, what do I do? After thirty days in the wilderness, God sent him home with an answer. It was, “Come back to Me.” For decades, Daniel was held in thrall to addiction and depression. He had friends, but life had lost all meaning. During a radical fast, Daniel encountered God – and great temptation. Afterward, he lost his wife, and his home, but he gained a new perspective – God’s. He went back to school and graduated with honors. God blessed him with a remarriage to someone who understands his heart and shares his faith. He has found peace and purpose. Daniel found freedom in God’s love and in following God and living according to his precepts. Daniel’s memoir will show you how God can heal every physical, mental and emotional hurt and help you to become whole.

My review

This book is unlike any other book I’ve ever read. The author, Daniel Trotter, made some serious mistakes in his life. This book talks about some of them. But it also talks about his turning away from those mistakes and becoming a new man.

That’s really the best message you can take from this one. No matter what you do wrong, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ still love you. They’re waiting for you to repent, change your heart and turn to them. And they’ll be there with their arms outstretched. Just like they were for Daniel Trotter.

I was sent a copy of A Different Kind of Strong as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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