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Falling in love with an Earl in 1815 was the easy part. The hard part? Leaving him behind.

Evaline Johansen, daughter of mega billionaire tycoon feels isolated and alone until she stumbles upon a portrait gallery and sees herself hanging on the wall. The trouble is, she’s never been there before and doesn’t know the artist.

Lord Oliver Hereford doesn’t know what to do with this new, outspoken, energetic woman who has taken the ton by surprise. She may be London’s new sweetheart, but will he succumb to his initial attraction?

When his confirmed bachelorhood is challenged by the one woman who can, Lord Hereford doesn’t know he’s headed for a much greater choice than whether or not to love.

Read this delightful time travel romance for a journey back into the Regency time period through a modern woman’s eyes.

My review

I’m always up for a good romance novel. This one has a bit of a twist, because it’s about a contemporary woman who travels back to Regency times. I loved that part of the plot! It’s just a fun idea.

This book features Evaline, Eva. She’s heading to England to visit her friend, Anna. There are so many fun guys, parties, and it’s England! She glimpses a portrait of herself in a gallery, one she’s never seen before. And before you know it, she’s gone back in time.

One thing I really loved about Eva was the way she was so adaptable. She had no trouble switching from modern to Regency England. And, in fact, loved Regency more. It didn’t hurt that she met Oliver, Lord Hereford.

I liked Oliver as well. He’s a true gentleman. I loved how he was so traditional. These two made me laugh out loud in certain places because of how different they were. But they just worked.

Another great thing was that the characters from Dating the Duke, Jane and Algernon are in this one as well. So much fun!

I definitely need to read more of these Twickenham Regency Romances.

I was sent a copy of Back to His Lordship as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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