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Sugar and Spice

She’s sugar. He’s spice. Can the dance of passion bring these two together during a romantic mix-up in Spain?

Sweet and shy Clara takes a leap of faith and lands in Spain to pursue her dream of becoming a travel writer. While there, she runs into a woman who could be her visual twin—and her personality opposite with a fiery persona and penchant for drama. Isabella is a Flamenco dancer for a troop that’s facing financial ruin. When she leaves them high and dry, they beg Clara to take her place. She agrees, believing the experience will make for a great travel article.

Spicy Teyo becomes Clara’s Flamenco mentor, teaching her to embody everything that is passionate about the dance. When things heat up between Clara and Teyo during tourist-filled days and dancing nights, Clara knows her heart’s in trouble. With no sign of Isabella’s return, she feels obligated to continue the switch, even if it means letting the press think Teyo and Isabella are dating.

But when Clara learns that Teyo once held a flame for Isabella, she wonders if he’s truly in love with her or the woman she pretends to be—and how will she know the difference? If she can’t figure it out before Isabella returns, her whirlwind romance in Spain may leave her head spinning and her heart on the dance floor.

My review

I’ve loved these books by Lisa Swinton. I love seeing the family all get their happily ever afters. And Clara was the one I was most concerned about.

I can’t even imagine what happened to Clara. She was approached in the airport by a sobbing woman who looked just like her. The woman tricked her into going on her dance tour, telling her she’d show up the next day. But she’d played this game before, and Teyo knew she wasn’t planning to show up any time soon.

Clara was given the option to leave or to take on the woman’s role in the Flamenco dance troupe. The bravery it took for her to do that was amazing. It was physically taxing, nerve wracking and she had to learn the dances. But along the way, Clara learned things about herself. She learned that she is strong, courageous, and that she too could maybe have a chance at happily ever after.

I loved that the reader got to see the story through Teyo’s point of view as well. It just made the story that much more complete.

Teyo and Clara get to travel through Spain together, dancing and seeing the most amazing sights. And eating amazing food.

What a great book! It has everything, deceit, travel, self discovery, love.

I was sent an e-copy of Sugar and Spice as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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