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her football boss fake fiance

A football player and the lie he’s told. A woman who hates egomaniacs. Will they help each other out this Christmas season?

Ocean Brady only wants one thing for Christmas–his family to enjoy five stress-free days together. Too bad stress-free is impossible because of the big fat lie he’s told them all!

The hardworking and beautiful, Augusta Deluca, only wants to work and have a quiet Christmas with her sisters. Too bad she sprains her ankle on the beach and it only gets worse when some stranger keeps trying to help her. She almost has to pepper spray the guy, until he tells her he’s some famous football player, one she didn’t recognize and don’t be a baby about it—ya egomaniac!

When the egomaniac swoops her off her feet–literally–and carries her back to her sister’s place, she never imagined he’d have bigger problems than her. And she really never imagined she’d be offering to be his fake fiance!

When all the fakeness of their relationship starts to get real, they are left with a choice; keep telling more lies or face the truth and get the Christmas miracle they’ve both wanted!

My review

I’m having a great time reading Christmas themed romances! I loved reading this one. It has characters that I’ve read about before in The Dancing Groom, a great plot, a great family and a great location. Who could ask for more?!

This book features Ocean and Augusta. I love the way these two meet. Ocean was running on the beach when he came across Augusta, who had sprained her ankle running. It was such a fun scene!

Ocean is a great guy! His mama raised him right. He looks out for Augusta, even when she tries to pepper spray him, won’t accept his gift and isn’t overly nice. I loved that about him. But Ocean has been telling lies, and they’re about to be obvious when his family comes for Christmas. That’s where Augusta comes in.

Augusta needs some cash. Her sister talks her into being Ocean’s fake fiance, just through Christmas. I loved the way these two come up with their big plan. And their negotiations are pretty fun too!

Ocean’s family is awesome! I love that you can read all of their love stories in other books. The background story of Ty and Luna left me wanting a romance for those two. Hopefully I’ll get my wish on that one.

If you’re looking for a fun romance that you can read fairly quickly, this is a great choice!

I was sent an e-copy of Her Football Boss Fake Fiance as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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