About The Christmas Cookie House

The Christmas Cookie House

Christmas, love, and a batch of cookies.

Former bookshop keeper Leela Miller is back in Massey Falls. Her mom passed away last spring, and she’s home taking care of her ailing father. Now, Leela is desperate to fill Mom’s shoes in the Ladies’ Auxiliary by chairing the Cookie House fundraiser. The hitch: mean-eyed Mrs. Coldicott refuses to host the event at her Society Row home as planned.

Leela must find a new venue big enough and fancy enough to draw in customers, or Mom’s event might get canceled. There’s only one perfect place: the Layton Mansion.

New vet school graduate Jay Wilson has been remodeling the Layton Mansion since he inherited it this summer. It’s almost Christmas, and the house is nearly ready to flip!

If he can get a good price for it, he can buy a partnership at a veterinary clinic out of town.

However, by stipulation of the will, Jay can’t sell the house until he cleans out the attic.

Jay needs help completing the enormous task before his deadline. The beautiful Leela will eagerly help—if he agrees to allow her to use the house for her event. But, when Jay learns that the Cookie House event is the same day as his sale deadline, will he sell the house out from under the girl he might just be falling in love with?

My review

I loved this book! The characters are great, the plot is a lot of fun, and the little town is the best!

Leela is such a great character. She’s an only child, her mom has died recently, her dad needs tons of care. Leela has moved home to Massey Falls to care for him. And to take her mom’s place in the Ladies’ Auxiliary. A lot of the people in the town seem to be against Leela, or maybe it’s just one. She’s not quite sure why, but everything seems to be a fight. She must find somewhere to hold the Cookie House event and fast!

Jay inherited a big, beautiful house. He’s been working to renovate it to sell it. But he’s just learned that he can’t sell it until he cleans out the packed attic. I loved the way this brings Leela and Jay together in the story. They work together to clean out the attic. It’s mutually beneficial, because Leela wants to use the house for her events. They discover so many things from the junk in the attic. There are so many secrets hidden in the attic.

I loved the plot of this one! Make sure to take time to read it.

I was sent an e-copy of The Christmas Cookie House as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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