About 250 Fascinating Facts About Latter-Day Saints

250 Fascinating Facts About Latter-Day Saints

You know Latter-day Saints don’t have horns, but do you know how that rumor got started? Do you know which country’s population has the highest percentage of Latter-day Saints? And did you know that President Monson didn’t like pizza? No matter how well you know your religion, you’re bound to find some surprising trivia about Latter-day Saints in this fun collection of fascinating facts!

My review

I haven’t read a book like this one since I was a teenager! It was a lot of fun to read through all of these facts.

There are tons of different facts. Things about prophets, apostles, temples, pretty much everything. And I’m just going to tell you, I had no idea where the myth about the horns came from. It was fun to find that one in this book.

I love that you can read this book just a bit at a time if you want. But reading the whole thing doesn’t take very long either.

This is a fun book for anyone to read. And you’ll love the pictures too!

I was sent an e-copy of this book as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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