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cats vs ai pets

Anna is a normal girl living in 2087. She loves to play, she loves to learn and she loves her Ai Pet, Ron. The only problem is that she loves the digital world above all. Until one day her parents surprise her with Celine, a real life cat.

Follow Anna’s personal journey as she discovers how to balance her modern digital life with real life experiences and learns to enjoy the moment and simply be. The book introduces readers to fundamental differences between digital life and reality. It is recommended for girls and boys, aged 4-8 years.

My review

Does it ever seem like kids today spend more time on screens than anything else? To me it does. I remember being a kid and playing outside for hours on end. Our kids don’t do that. I spend a good part of my time trying to keep our 5 year old from using technology of some kind.

That’s why this book has such a great message. I love the way it teaches kids to not be using electronics all the time. Sometimes you just need to play outside, play with a pet, read a real book, draw or color with pencils and crayons or even talk with someone face to face. These are important life skills. And it seems like sometimes they’re getting pushed aside in favor of a solitary life of electronics.

I loved the cute illustrations in this book. And the rhymes were fun too.

I was sent an e-copy of Cats vs Ai Pets as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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