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finding hope

She’s hiding in her present.

With nothing but her guitar and a few belongings, Hope Flanagan escapes the abuse and negligent from her mother’s boyfriend. Hope’s lucky enough to find a warm exhaust vent in an alley of her coastal town and blessed with help from a coffee-shop employee who sees her desperate situation. But Hope is determined to stay under the radar from social services and the other homeless kids, who seem to go missing once they fall under the notice of the local homeless tough girl.

She’s hiding from her past.

Grace James works with the police to help survivors of abuse while desperately fighting to keep her own family safe from her vindictive ex-husband. News of her husband’s release from prison pushes her to accept help from the handsome and secretive Officer Joe Hart. But then her mother brings home a stray from her coffee shop, and Grace finds herself catapulting through her fears to do for Hope what she just might not be able to do for herself—find out who she really is to save her before it’s too late.

My review

Don’t you just love the cover of this one? It makes me want to walk by the ocean!

I was super excited to get to read this one by Shannon Symonds, the author of Safe House. Safe House was one that really touched me and that I remember, even after the many books I’ve read since I read that one.

Finding Hope touched me as well. I loved that it combined new characters, Hope and those associated with her, with old people, Grace and Hart. The characters were something that really caught me from the first page. As a reader, I wanted to know what happened to Hope after she ran away.

I loved that this book has a couple of story lines that seem to parallel at first, but by the end, the reader realizes that they really fit together the entire time. Everything about this book kept me interested and wanting to read more.

The plot of this book is super suspenseful. And this is the scary kind of suspense to me, because it’s something that really can and does happen in the world we live in. Made up suspense isn’t quite as scary as this kind.

Make sure you read this book, I hope you love it as much as I did!

I borrowed a copy of this using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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