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When the new marshal in town needs volunteers, one of the first to sign up is Miss Rosie Decker. And why wouldn’t she? She’s a sharpshooting, horse-taming tomboy—and she’s out for revenge. Marshal Hank Walker is forming a posse to find the man who killed her sweetheart, and Rosie is determined to help track him down. When the marshal refuses her service on account of her being a woman, Rosie is undeterred. If it’s a man Marshal Walker wants, it’s a man he’ll get. With his posse assembled, Hank Walker is confident he’ll be able to track down the criminal. His confidence grows as he recognizes the incomparable skill of one young man in his posse—Ross. That is, until the day Ross’s mustache falls off, revealing “his” true identity. Rosie Decker has duped him. Banished back to town, it’s time for Rosie to prove her mettle. Though working alongside the unwilling marshal is complicated, it is the unexpected tenderness she feels for him that proves most problematic. How can she demonstrate her skill while also setting out to win the heart of the man who seems bent on keeping her out of his way?

My review

I’m always in the mood to read a great historical romance. I LOVED this one by Carolyn Twede Frank. Her characters were great, and the plot was as well.

Rosie might have been my very favorite thing about this book. She’s a young woman, but she’s not a proper young woman by any means. She works on a ranch as a horse-tamer, with a bunch of men. I loved that she was not concerned about what anyone thought of her. She just was herself, and she was good at that. When Rosie’s boyfriend is killed, she just knows that she needs to join the posse going after her killer. The marshal doesn’t want to take a woman, so she does what she has to, and becomes Ross. That part made me laugh, I loved it!

Hank Walker is the marshal. He’s had a rough time finding men willing to go after a killer. The men that signed up to go are an interesting bunch, but he can’t get the woman who wanted to go out of his mind. I liked Hank. He was really protective of women because of what happened to his sister and mom. That kind of works against him with Rosie, because she’s so independent. But eventually they figure out what works for the two of them. The journey to that point is great, though!

This one has a unique plot that just grabs the reader from the very first. I loved it!

I was sent a copy of Under the Stars as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


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About author Carolyn Twede Frank

I grew up in Payson, Utah. Ever since elementary school I have loved to write. In junior high and high school I was on the newspaper staff. My senior year, I even had my own column: Carolyn’s Corner. While attending USU as a freshman, my journalism teacher, in an effort to “prepare me for the real world of writing,” tore down my work to the point that I gave up, dropped my minor of journalism, and concentrated on my other love—biology. I graduated with a BS in Horticulture and an MS in Botany and went on to start my own business in a totally unrelated field: manufacturing puppets.  In 2006, after having raised my five kids and growing my business to a point of being viable to sell, I rediscovered my love of writing. I have since sold my manufacturing business and I spend a good portion of my time writing, or helping my grandkids and my garden grow. I now live in Kaysville, Utah.

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