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Invited Home for Christmas

A retired football player just needs a date. An ex-military beauty who is not a fan of being anyone’s arm candy is desperate for some cash.

One date turns to two and then three, and they find themselves trapped at a ski lodge for the weekend. When her heart begins to fall, more than anything all she wants for Christmas is a real date, the kind that ends with a kiss. And…

She wants to be invited home for Christmas.

Buy this delicious sweet romance for a taste of the nostalgic charm and romance that make up a beautiful Christmas season with one fake relationship that turns into the real deal.

My review

Christmas books are some of my very favorite books! I love that this book was set around Christmas, but it’s not really about Christmas. It really can be read at any time.

I loved Xander and Sammy in this one. Neither of them was overly sure about themselves. Xander has retired from football and isn’t sure what to do with his life. Sammy is working two jobs trying to make ends meet and just keep her head above the water. The two just needed each other. And they just worked.

This one has a bit of the fake vibe to it. Xander is paying Sammy for some dates. And that helps with the unsure thing too. But the whole plot just works. I LOVED it.

If you like romance, and fake relationship plots, you’ll love this one!

I borrowed a copy of Invited Home for Christmas using my Kindle Unlimited membership. All opinions are my own.

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