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Deacon Wilhelm and Sophia Pickens are part of a treasure hunting crew intent on finding Lincoln’s lost gold mine. The team decides to split up sending half of them to Illinois and the other half to Virginia to look for clues. As awesome as it would be to find the treasure, Deacon isn’t in the hunt for the money; he’s in it for Sophia’s heart. The only problem is Sophia’s older brother, Leo, is Deacon’s best friend. They’ve been through a lot and a betrayal like this could mean the end of the brother-bond between them.

With a father who abused her and a mother who drank so she could ignore the abuse, Sophia doesn’t trust easy. The one person, besides Leo, that she’d allow into her heart is Deacon. But Deacon has always kept his distance and she’s always been the little sister. When Leo gets called up on a special forces mission and has to leave the treasure hunting expedition, she’s hopeful that spending time alone with Deacon will allow him to see the woman she’s become.

As they hone in on the information that could unlock the location of the gold mine, dangerous forces attack from all sides. Sophia is kidnapped and held for ransom for the clue they haven’t found yet and Leo comes home his mission complete. If Deacon confesses his love for Sophia to Leo, he’ll lose the only brother he’s ever known—and that’s if they can find her before time runs out.

My review

It isn’t very often that you find books like this one. Or this whole series. I love the way they all go together. This is one series that actually does need to be read in order.

This one is Sophia and Deacon’s story. These two have known each other for a really long time. Now they’re working together to find Lincoln’s lost treasure. I loved the way they can work together, but they kind of have a hard time too. Because they’ve never declared their love. And that’s because of Leo.

At the beginning of the book Sophia and Deacon kind of dance around each other. Neither daring to get too close. Deacon knows if Leo finds out that he loves Sophia, he’s going to be in huge trouble. Sophia knows that she loves Deacon and wants him to love her back. The love story is so sweet. And it just works.

I love the action and adventure of this one. Who doesn’t want to fall in love while being kidnapped and searching for treasure????

This is such a fun series, be sure to read them all!

I borrowed Brotherhood Tested from the Kindle Unlimited Library. All opinions are my own.

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