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Within a fairy-tale palace overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Princess Cassandra of Sereno leads a charmed life—until that life is nearly cut short in an assassination attempt. Desperate to protect his daughter, the king sends the princess to safety in the one place he trusts: the neighboring country of Meridia. There, Cassie’s life is placed in the hands of a man who possesses the skills to protect her. CIA agent Levi Marin has years of experience pretending to be someone he’s not, but posing as the boyfriend of a real-life princess is new, even to him.

With the CIA and Interpol hot on the trail of the assassin, Levi and Cassie do their best to blend in in Meridia and to remain professional amid their charade. Yet despite their best efforts, the charade begins to feel all too real. Their chemistry is undeniable, but forgetting the dangerous reality of their situation could prove a deadly mistake. Cassie’s would-be killer is still at large, and her search for answers is leading her ever closer to a shocking revelation that will rock the monarchy of Sereno to its core.

My review

Traci Hunter Abramson’s suspense books are always my favorites! She has such a way of writing, it just keeps the reader wanting more. There were parts in this one that I wanted to yell at the hero or heroine to stop. But, of course, they couldn’t hear me.

This book will stand alone just great. However, it will make more sense if you’ve read Royal Target, Royal Secrets and Royal Brides first.

This one features Princess Cassandra of Sereno. It’s always fun to imagine the life of a princess. And Cassandra has had a great life. But things change rather quickly when it appears that she is the target of an assassin, in her own home! She’s whisked off to a place where her dad thinks she’ll be safe and protected by Levi.

Levi is a great bodyguard and a nice guy. I really enjoyed how quickly Cassie goes from a job to someone he really cares for.

I loved the carefree parts of this book. Where Cassie knows she’s safe and Levi pretends she’s his girlfriend. But the more suspenseful parts are what kept me wanting to read more and more. I’ll just be honest, this author’s books never take me long to read, because I can’t put them down.

If you love suspense books, you’ll love this one!

I was sent a copy of Royal Heir as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About the author

Originally from Arizona, Traci Hunter Abramson spent much of her childhood exploring the little town of Pinewood. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. Since leaving the CIA, Traci has written multiple novels, including the Undercurrents trilogy, Royal Target, and the Saint Squad series. When she’s not writing, Traci enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children. She also enjoys cooking, although she prefers an electric stove to the wood-burning variety.

Visit her website.

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