About Motherhood: Empowered by Love, Saved by Grace

Motherhood: Empowered by Love, Saved by Grace

Motherhood: We do what we have to do; we face what we have to face. We all experience our own seemingly insurmountable challenges only to somehow rise again.

Mothers traverse a lifelong path of ups and downs, often encountering seemingly insurmountable obstacles along the way. In those moments when the gulf between who you are and who you must be for your children seems too great to bridge, where can you find the strength to not only survive but also thrive? With an abundance of personal stories and thought-provoking questions, best-selling author Christie Gardiner reaches out to women in all stages of motherhood with the answer: through the grace of Jesus Christ, you can do all things.

My review

I’m always grateful to get to read on of Christie Gardiner’s books. She writes in a way that is easy to read, and easy to understand. She also writes in a way that makes the reader feel good about themselves and the job they are doing.

This is not a full length book, it’s a pamphlet perfect to give for Mother’s Day. It can be read quickly. But I found myself thinking about the message of it for several days.

Especially having had my kids home all day every day lately, I know I am making mistakes. I know that I’m not always the kindest or most patient. But the author teaches us that it’s okay. Those things are made up by grace, if we’re trying our best.

That’s a lesson that I always need. And probably over and over again. It’s okay to give myself grace. To not be so hard on myself. And to try again.

I was sent an e-copy of Motherhood: Empowered by Love, Saved by Grace as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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